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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the first one..

I forgive him..
The first person that broke my heart when i wuz juz 16..
Yes..I’ve stopped loving him
after 4 long years battling with my own heart..
And i finally love someone else..
But one thing i cant do is forgetting..
That he had once been someone very dear to me..
And He’s very special..
For the fact that he touched my heart, tought me how to love,to survive a broken heart..
and finally to forgive..

(i really do hope that he forgive me too..)


she said...

sapo la tuh?

hirata said...

i think i noe..
yg kat kmm tu ker dear?
kalu dy bgus la..
k yg oh no tu..
slg bmaafan itu baguss...

admin said...

its oh no..not kmm..tu sampai mati pun xkan dimaafkan!!