klik je..jangan bnyk ckp..

Friday, May 28, 2010

ex?..x?..or axe???

i just hate him..
sebok je contact ak blek..
xpasal2 ak terpikir pasal die..
every single thing he did..
every single heartbreak..
i dont miss him..
i just..emm..i just dunno why i'm tempted to go down that memory lane once again..
n i dunno why i really wanted to see his face again..(i even googled him!stupid me..)
i dunno why..
maybe i just want to know how he's doing without  me..
i just want to assure myself that i did better than him..
i survived the heartbreak..
i found a better man..
and i'm so happy with everything i owned now..
better than ever..
or maybe i just really want to see him sad and regretted everything he did to me..

i dunno whats wrong wif me..

but one thing i noe..

that i dun luv him anymore..

Thursday, May 27, 2010


i dunno how to start..but this is soooo like deja vu..
this man dump me..
cut every means of connections with me..
go to some bloody girl
and finally now..telling me that he's sorry..
that he regretted everything he did to me..
he did not find the happiness that his been looking for..
but he's happy that im happy now..

so WTF???

he's been thinking bout me..
that explains why i've been thinking so much of him lately..
and that is just so damn sick!

i hate him..
i hate every single thing he did to me..
i hate every single word he lied to me..
i hate myself for even trying to forgive him..
coz a person like that is unforgivable
not now..not ever as long as i shall live in this world

huh..why do i even write this????????

Thursday, March 4, 2010


someone asked me..why dandelions??

i dont know..maybe the name is catchy..or sweet..
but 4 sure it represents dreams..
dreams that most of us held deep inside..
wishing that they will all come true someday..
ever heard of blowing dandelions while wishing..and the whishes will come true??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ape ni?????

ni keje ak siang td mase kelas agama..
punyela mengantok..

smpai mendatangkan ilham untk bwt keje2 xberfaedah..

sori ye ustazah..jangan marah..hee

p/s:korang phm ke ape ak bwt ni???

Monday, January 25, 2010


nak beg cun??

baju lawa2??
dengan harga yg sangat2 berpatutan..
jenguk2 link ni..xjenguk rugi..
kami jamin lg hot dari sizzling yee mee!!!


sorry everyone..
lamenye membiarkan blog ni bersawang,berhabuk n mcm nak roboh..
especially to all nuffnangers..sory lame xjenguk blog korang..
im so bz as soon as this new semester started,
over flooded with tons of lab reports(ad 5 lab!!)
quizzes,test..kene hapal 50 name bacteria yg sngt best..huu (Bacillus agilis,Bacillus algidus..sape bg name benda alah ni anyway..buruk benar..haha)
and one more thing,kat kolej ni susah bebeno nak dpt wifi..walaupun ak duduk top floor..huhu
n ni pun baru je baik demam..alahai..
btw,i will try to write as much as possible and as frequent as possible..
but dont hope too much from a microbiology student like me..
i got record to maintain and deans list to kejar..(aaahhh!!wut a life am i living in??)
but i do have something special to all bag lovers and clothes hunters..
check out this link..mesti juling biji mate korang nak pilih..haha
till nxt time..=>

Thursday, December 31, 2009

azam 2010

jom bercerita sal azam tahun baru lak..
ni azam aku..hehe

1.nak jd lg matured..hee
2.nak dapat 4 flat diz time..
3.nak kumpul duit bnyk2..
4.nak blaja main gitar
5.nak jd seorang manusia yg lebih penyabar..hee

azam korang lak??